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We unite legal excellence and high performance to deliver innovative solutions in complex cases

The patent team at Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is comprised of an organized and efficient group of attorneys and technical experts to provide our clients with comprehensive strategies to develop the right level of protection to achieve their business goals.

Our patent team works across a variety of industries, sciences and technology and has vast experience when it comes to rendering, among others, such services as:

  • Full-service patent and design portfolio management
  • Freedom to Operate Analysis (FTO)
  • Prior art searches
  • Patentability analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Filing and prosecution of patent applications in Brazil and abroad
  • Filing and prosecution of international patent applications in Brazil under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”)
  • Continuous monitoring of patented technologies
  • Technical and legal opinions related to patent issues
  • Patent litigation
  • Registration of new plant varieties
  • Representation in proceedings to receive authorization from the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA
  • Representation in proceedings to receive authorization from the Technical Biosafety Committee
  • Representation in proceedings to receive authorization from the Council for Genetic Resource Management – CGEN

We specialize in finding the best way for our clients to protect their inventions and to be able to exploit them in Brazil with the confidence that they need.

In addition to the services listed above, the team also provides complete enforcement solutions – infringement analysis, second opinions, remedy recommendations, cease and desist letters, alternative dispute resolution services and comprehensive litigation representation.

Brazil offers registration of Industrial Designs protecting the external ornamental shape of an object or the set of lines and colors applied to a product, as long as it is novel and is suitable for industrial production. No protection of this nature is available for functionalities, dimensions, materials or the manufactured processes of an object.

The initial term of the protection is 10 years, which can be extended for up to 3 periods of five years, up to a maximum of 25 years.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados provides expert services related to design rights in Brazil, with managing partner Gabriel Di Blasi one of the leading authorities on design rights in the world. The firm is also engaged in harmonization efforts with the government regarding design protection, in connection with harmonization efforts being made globally.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is one of only a handful of firms to specialize in Geographical Indication services in Brazil.

The firm provides in-depth consultations regarding the protections for Geographical Indicators in Brazil, as covered under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement.

This type of protection is of particular relevance to those clients operating in the food and wine industries, where origin designations are geographically limited to indicate a particular set of characteristics that can one be associated with certain products to reflect the quality of the origin.

The protection of Sofware creations in Brazil are given by specific legislation. In Brazil, softwares are protected according to their source codes, which are considered an expression of its creator. For that reason, this intangible asset has a protection similar to copyrights in Brazil.

The register of a Software at the BPTO is done depositing a hash code that corresponds to its source code. As copyrights, a software register as a declaratory nature, being highly important for proving anteriority in case of a violation.

DI BLASI, PARENTE & ASSOCADOS has a range of qualified professionals to aid Software developers to better understand the rights related to such protection, as well as studying the best strategies to use this asset on its full potential.

Trade secret, in a large concept, may be every confidential business information which provides a company a competitive edge and for this reason shall be treated and protected with the corresponding importance. Consult our team for detailed information on the protection of trade secrets in Brazil. We are ready to assist you.

Our firm provides expert consultancy on all matters related to copyrights and neighboring rights in Brazil, including the registration of intellectual works on the competent entities, clearance of rights in cultural projects, analysis and elaboration of contracts and legal opinions, negotiation of licenses and deals, action in judicial litigation, etc.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados has a strong team specialized in biological sciences. In our company, we have specialized technical professionals with extensive experience in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental sciences, genomics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, green technologies and agriculture.

We also have a team of highly qualified lawyers to act in litigation and patent counseling, with capacity to represent our clients in the local state and federal courts, STJ and STF, as well as in the coordination of litigation projects abroad, always exceeding our clients' expectations.

Our work in the area of Biological Sciences involves not only the elaboration of patent applications and their respective administrative procedures, but also involves pre-litigation procedures, such as research and case analysis, policy development, compliance, technology transfer agreements, technical and/or legal advice and, mainly, judicial measures, in Brazil and abroad, besides the coordination of projects involving mediation and arbitration in other jurisdictions.

Protection of topography of integrated circuits is possible in Brazil. Images of the topography are required when submitting an order. The protection for integrated circuit topography in Brazil lasts 10 years from the date of deposit or the date of the first economic exploitation of the topography, whichever occurs first.

Our Intellectual Property team includes a myriad of professionals with specific expertise related to electronic components, including resistors and interconnections, making topography protection in Brazil extremely easy.

With the advent of the new Brazilian Biodiversity Law (Law No. 13,123, in force since November 17, 2015, regulated by Decree No. 8,772 of May 11, 2016), aims to simplify access to genetic heritage (PG) and associated traditional knowledge (CTA).

This regulation involves the Food, Flavorings, Personal Hygiene, Agribusiness industry, among others. There are new deadlines for companies to regulate their activities, according to the established norms. Our team is ready to help you in this matter, as well as in the performance with ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) and CGen (Genetic Heritage Management Council).

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is at the forefront of innovation in Brazil, providing intellectual property and related services in a variety of industries.

The company is dedicated to supporting organizations and institutions in the R&D and Academic sectors, as well as to commit to the legislative efforts on which our clients depend.

We partner with universities and government to achieve unexpected results with unparalleled success.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associates has a robust anti-counterfeiting program that is adapted to the specific needs of each client.

We evaluate the business and everything that the brands encompass. We learned the products and their distribution, and then created a plan to combat counterfeiting from all angles, using all available resources.

Our anti-forgery group is based in São Paulo, with easy access to customs authorities, information centers and entry points.

We participate at all levels when it comes to combating counterfeiting – from initial reports, ongoing filings, educating customs agents, monitoring police on seizures, evaluating suspect products and supervising the destruction of counterfeit products.

When required, we help our clients take legal action to stop counterfeiting activity, including the illegal manufacture and marketing of such products on Brazilian soil.


We have a team of qualified, multi-disciplinary and integrated professionals who translate our main objectives into daily life: legal excellence and client satisfaction.

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We have a team of qualified, multi-disciplinary and integrated professionals who translate our main objectives into daily life: legal excellence and client satisfaction.