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In the areas of Business Law and Contracts, we act in the elaboration and revision of contracts of the most diverse natures, providing consultancy in the elaboration and revision of legal instruments related to the formation of joint ventures, commercial representation, transfers of assets of business companies, partnership for research and development of products or processes, technological cooperation, technology transfer etc., as well as in the analysis of their compatibilization in front of laws, treaties and technical and/or regulatory norms in force, in the most varied sectors.

We have extensive experience in the areas of antitrust and competition law, offering our customers the proper advice to realize and ensure protection of their assets and investments in a dynamic and globalized economy.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associates provides regulatory services in a variety of industries that have government requirements and procedures in Brazil subject to specific regulations. Understanding business and industries in Brazil is what gives us an advantage, as we help clients obtain permissions and approvals, maintaining compliance and ensuring that business can be done properly and effectively. Our regulatory and administrative services include preventive measures to assist compliance, and prevent violations by obtaining the necessary authorizations to do business. In addition, we guide the process of filing and recording contracts with the appropriate agencies, altering properties, revalidating records and other procedures recommended or required, specific to the sectors in which our clients operate. Some of the areas in which we provide regulatory assistance include:

Publicity and Advertising

Product Labeling

Product registrations

CADE approvals

ANVISA Procedures

Our Entertainment, Media and Sports area is led by our founding partner Paulo Parente, a lover of practically different sports. The team is formed by professionals with artistic bias, with solid expertise to meet issues related to the music, audiovisual, games and advertising industries. Our office represents some of the biggest names in MMA, surf and soccer, as well as artists, composers, producers, distributors etc., with advisory and consulting services specialized in conducting legal business related to Creative Economy and digital media, as well as administrative performance before regulatory agencies (CONAR, ANCINE etc.), among others. Focused on strategic preventive legal action to minimize risks and provide legal business security, our team also has extensive experience in crisis management and resolution of administrative, extrajudicial and judicial disputes.

In accordance with the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT), Brazil is the 5th largest textile producer and 4th largest clothing producer in the world. With annual revenues exceeding $ 45 billion, the fashion market and industry are robust and alive. Di Blasi, Parente & Associados has an entire team dedicated to Fashion Law in Brazil. We offer several specialized solutions and provide legal services related to all elements of the industry, from fiber and yarn production to clothing manufacturers and designers.

Brazilian regulation can sometimes result in unexpected tax obligations. These issues arise especially in relation to transactional issues, and may have broad implications for companies required to make international remittances from Brazil. Our office analyzes the specific contractual elements that drive these tax requirements and advises clients on compliance with local regulations and procedures so that they can minimize exposure, comply with the law and continue to operate effectively. In addition, we take these tax issues into consideration as we prepare contracts for our clients, and can explain simply and accurately what to expect in relation to any tax requirements involved.

The franchise industry in Brazil has been expanding at full steam for over a decade, with growth rates between 10% and 13% per year, as foreign and domestic franchise brands mark the largest economy in South America. Di Blasi, Parente & Associados provides its clients with a complete service related to the area, including the elaboration of franchise systems, implementation, due diligence, elaboration and registration of contracts, and support to clients in relation to conflict resolution, all in accordance with the nuances of the Brazilian Franchise Law.

We offer guidance and support for companies wishing to establish themselves in Brazil. Our services in this area include advice to newly established companies, entrepreneurs, investors and the like, in the areas of organization, financial issues, regulatory issues, intellectual property protection and much more.

For the registration, acquisition and administration of a domain name in Brazil, there may be requirements that are not familiar to foreign holders and not even to Brazilian entrepreneurs. Aware of this, the office seeks to assist its clients in the process of domain protection and registration, providing continuous monitoring and making sure that their administrative capacity remains intact.

The legal team of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is formed by experienced and dedicated lawyers, committed to success at all levels. They are empowered to exercise their functions in all instances and jurisdictions, and against multiple administrative litigation authorities. The successes achieved by the litigation team usually make our clients continue to trust our office, as we navigate the complicated judicial environment of Brazil with competence and agility.

Compared to other countries in South America, Brazil is quite advanced when it comes to mediation and the legislation by which it is governed. The consensual resolution of conflicts without going through litigation, as in other countries, is generally preferable in Brazil. As a rule, it is more economical and more timely than other resolution options conducted by the courts. This alternative dispute resolution service provided by Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is led by founding partner Paulo Parente Marques Méndez, a certified mediator in Brazil, he is also a member of the INTA Mediator Network, in addition to being a frequent author and speaker on the subject.

Like mediation, arbitration in Brazil is another alternative method of dispute resolution, often with faster, more economically attractive and less bureaucratic results than seeking a judicial solution. Arbitration can be attractive when the parties cannot reach resolution through mediation.


We have a team of qualified, multi-disciplinary and integrated professionals who translate our main objectives into daily life: legal excellence and client satisfaction..

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We have a team of qualified, multi-disciplinary and integrated professionals who translate our main objectives into daily life: legal excellence and client satisfaction.