Week’s news headlines – Jan. 13th 2017

The web of deceit: how we can combat online IP crime There are various avenues for brand owners to tackle the issue of online fraud in an attempt to make national and international legal regulation of internet  commerce more effective, as John Anderson of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Groups Network describes. http://www.trademarksandbrandsonline.com/article/the-web-of-deceit-how-can-we-combat-online-ip-crime Asian brokers made a […]

Week´s news headlines – jul. 22th 2016

Trademarks 2016: Corporate Counsel Q&A In an exclusive interview with Who’s Who Legal, Holger Gensmantel discusses his role at Carl Zeiss, the qualities that make a successful trademarks lawyer, the German legal marketplace and the challenges of fostering innovation while adhering to regulation. Read more at: http://whoswholegal.com/news/fea     International report – How to protect weak […]

Week´s news headlines – jul. 8th 2016

Unilateral Refusals to License Intellectual Property The antitrust laws generally provide that a firm has no duty to deal with or to aid its competitors.1 This long-established principle applies equally to intellectual property, which the courts treat the same when applying the antitrust laws.2 A unilateral refusal to deal occurs in the IP context when a patent […]

Week´s news headlines – jun. 17th 2016

FC Barcelona loses trademark dispute at EU General Court A European court has affirmed an earlier ruling that Spanish football club FC Barcelona has not been able to demonstrate genuine use of trademarks in a dispute with US-based fashion company Kule. The General Court issued its decision today, June 16, saying that FC Barcelona was not able […]