The Firm

We are Brazilian.

We are Cariocas.

We are
the right measure.

We are big enough to act worldwide, small enough for you to feel unique.

We protect the Innovation! We innovate to Protect.

What do we
believe in?

We believe that innovation is fundamental for the society. New products, services and businesses are created, driving the economy, creating jobs and offering solutions to several current problems.

We believe that by protecting innovation with focus, will and dedication, we foster new creations. And we made it our mission: we protect innovation. We innovate to protect.

Based on this passion, we work every day guided by our values, acting ethically and valuing excellence in the provision of our services.

Our Values


High sustainable performance

We have a culture geared towards customer satisfaction with personalized deliveries.


Collaboration and

Our ecosystem is driven by co- creation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Innovative Solutions

We invest to meet the needs of our customers with innovative solutions and the latest technology.


Our Bossa

Proud to be Brazilians and Cariocas, giving new meaning to the creative way of solving problems with lightness and results. Our lifestyle is based on a healthy balance between personal and professional life, the famous work-life balance, creating a harmonious atmosphere that inspires everyone around us.

Our numbers


Foundation year






Patent specialists


International partnerships



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Nossa história

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Our specialties

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