CACHAÇA to be recognized by Obama as typically Brazilian

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(Free translation from Portuguese)

Agência BRAZIL , April 9, 2012

Discussions on trade relations between Brazil and the United States may be interrupted many times during the World Trade Organization (WTO), especially in view of the imposition of a high taxation and of tax barriers.

Nonetheless, during a meeting held on last April 9 between President Rousseff and President Obama tensions have been set aside due to the recognition of the alcohol-based cachaça, as typically Brazilian beverage, which should ultimately enhance its export to the United States.

Obtained by the distillation of the fermented sugar cane juice, cachaça is traditionally used in the preparation of the caipirinha. Also, it has become a national symbol of Brazil abroad. In the country, the annual production of cachaça reaches about 1.5 billion liters – mostly in distilleries, but also in small stills. In fact, there are more than 30.000 producers and more than 5.000 different cachaça marks.

Simultaneously, President Roussef and President Obama have negotiated agreements on aviation and telecommunications. The dispute on the orange juice import has also been resolved, as the U.S. had vetoed the import of Brazilian products in the country. However, due the interference of the WTO, the United States agreed to review their laws in this area.



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