BPTO presents the first assessment of the patents in green Rio +20


Written by CGCOM Monday, June 18, 2012  

Two months after its implementation, the Patent Green Project has already 30 patent applications. and among those already processed, the vast majority is from São Paulo (43%) and is related to alternative energy production or waste management. The Patent Project was presented to the public during the venues of Rio +20. 

The main purpose of the project, which will be receiving requests until April 2013, is to expedite the examination of patent applications that may contribute to combat the climate change. Such requests are expected to be examined in less than two years. Patent Applications related to clean energy (solar and wind) or waste management (in this case, garbage and sewage) that have already been paid and recorded are comprised here. 

In this first stage, 53% of applicants are companies or public institutions, while private inventors add up to 47%. Besides Sao Paulo, with 43%, five other states have requests, namely: Minas Gerais, with 26%, Federal District, with 16%, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Tocantins (5% each).


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