With The IP Guarantees, Investing in Sports is a Big Business

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Written by Bruna Gonçalves – Thursday, September 13, 2012. 

Investing in sport can bring good dividends when the idea is to associate a brand with a model of a healthy, dynamic and supportive life. According to the lawyer Peter Siemsen, the security of these investments will depend, however, on negotiations involving intellectual property. Only by this way, it is possible to assure the investors the return of investment. 

Besides this function, intellectual property has  today the challenge to allow sustainable strategies capable of ensuring competitiveness in the sport industry”, stated Siemsen at the IP & SPORTS Conference, held last September 12 and 13 September, in Rio de Janeiro. 

The branding work of the Real Madrid trademark was brought up by the club director José Manuel Otero Lastres as an example of this kind of strategy. He drew a broad panel of investments that began with the club stadium construction in 1947 and have been expanded with the advertising and strengthening of its intellectual property, using the brand of the Spanish club and of its main players. 

According to Forbes Magazine, on account of the branding work coupled with some victories in the European Cup, the mark “Real Madrid”  is now US$ 1.88 billion worth,  being ranked immediately after the “Manchester United”, which is rated at US$ 2.23 billion.



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