Week’s news headlines – Oct. 2nd 2015

Intellectual property crime falling in the UK – but social media has soared up to become a major market for counterfeit trade

Social media is becoming the new market for intellectual property crooks, as new government figures released today show that intellectual property crime is falling in the UK – everywhere except social media.

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Being Number One In Trademarks Owned Didn’t Save Scott Walker; Donald Trump Is Number Two

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Marilyn Monroe Estate Allowed to Bring Trademark Claims Against Merchandiser

The death of Marilyn Monroe has been greatly exaggerated.

Since the actress died in 1962, her heirs have been quite litigious against those looking to capitalize on her fame. The aggressive posture was seemingly undercut in 2012 when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that her estate couldn’t take advantage of California’s post-mortem publicity rights. Despite this, the estate has another way to protect her name, image and likeness.

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