Week’s news headlines – Sep. 18th 2015

Intellectual Property News: KitKat, Williams Sonoma, Whole Foods, Skechers, Segway, GoDaddy, Apple

This wrap-up of recent intellectual property cases covers chocolate bar shapes, cookware designs, sneaker similarities, Korean TV copyright device, Quizno’s commercials, personal transporter technology, Oscar award domains, wines from Whole Foods, fair use of music tracks, the Apple-Samsung battle and more.

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Register your trademarks in Chinese now: lessons from Michael Jordan’s defeat in trademarks combat against Qiaodan Sports

After two decades on the basketball court, Michael Jordan, one the greatest basketball players of all time, is currently learning the rules of defence and offence in a different game: the Chinese legal system.  Qiaodan Sports Company Limited (“Qiaodan Sports“), a Chinese sportswear company, are throwing their legal dispute with him back into his court.

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