Week’s news headlines – Sep. 11th 2015

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Scandalous and offensive trademarks: walking a fine line

In the most recent chapter of a trade mark dispute that has spanned more than two decades, the United States District Court has upheld a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decision to cancel six trade mark registrations of the word REDSKINS and variants thereof owned by the Washington Redskins American football team. Despite the team maintaining that the name honors Native Americans, it was held that the marks may be perceived as disparaging or offensive to this racial group and thereby not registrable pursuant to Section 2(a) of the Lanham Act.

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GNRation acolheu workshop ‘A patenteabilidade de software: os EUA vs UE’ promovido pela StartupBraga

“Existem patentes de software e é possível e devemos obtê-las para as nossas empresas”. Este foi o desafio deixado, ontem, por Luís Ferreira, da, durante o workshop ‘A patenteabilidade de software: os EUA vs UE’, promovido pela StartupBraga, no GNRation.
Com a organização deste workshop, pretendia-se, sobretudo, “acabar com o mito que não há patentes de software”, assumiu Luís Ferreira, que contou com a parceria de Dulce Varandas, da Vortal, para falar aos empreendedores presentes.

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Indian Patent Office rejects Pfizer’s arthritis patent, again

Pfizer has had a patent application for tofacitinib, which is marketed as Xeljanz and Jakvinus, rejected by the Indian Patent Office (IPO) for the second time.

On Thursday, September 3, the IPO said the application is not patent eligible. It covers a chemical formulation of the active compound in rheumatoid arthritis drug tofacitinib.

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Intellectual Property: Too Costly for Small Businesses

Thousands of small businesses hang in the balance after research finds intellectual property issues.

“The law needs to be clarified and simplified to encourage innovation, not stifle it” – Rob Law

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Technology and intellectual property in Indonesia

We can say that the first technology was a rock. People in prehistoric times used rocks to make fire. From a rock to a cellular phone, laptop, PC, computer, TV and all the latest technology that help us improve our daily lives. Technology can also link us into social media and help us communicate with each other.

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Daimler loses trademark appeal

uxury car maker Daimler has lost its bid to prevent a Chinese construction machinery firm from using what it perceives to be a similar logo in New Zealand.

According to a judgment released from the Court of Appeal today, Daimler opposed registration of the Sany logo as it believed it would deceive or cause confusion because of its similarity to the Daimler trademarks.

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Patent Law Shouldn’t Block the Sale of Used Tech Products

American patent law should not be used to prevent consumers from reselling, altering or fixing technology products. A federal appeals court will soon hear a case that could clearly establish this principle.

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