Week’s news headlines – nov. 7th 2014

Vietnam urged to protect Intellectual Property

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam needs to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property (IP) on the domestic market since this is a crucial feature of a market economy and international integration.

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Let’s Get Ready to Trademark: A Breakdown of Sports Announcer Catchphrase Trademarks

Last week, polarizing college basketball announcer Bill Raftery filed trademark applications for his catchphrases “onions” and “with a kiss.” This is not the former Seton Hall coach’s first foray into the trademark world. In 2010, Raftery filed an application for the mark WITH A KISS, but it was abandoned in 2012.

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Ireland Moves to Close One Tax Break and Opens Another

As the Irish government moves to close one door to corporate tax avoidance, it is opening another.

Tucked into legislation to eliminate a much criticized tax structure known as the “Double Irish” is a separate provision that would allow companies to pay no corporate tax on profits earned from patents, licenses and other intellectual property.

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Bill Raftery files for trademarks

Longtime basketball announcer Bill Raftery is finally putting himself in position to capitalize on some of his famous phrases.

Raftery filed for trademarks to “Onions” and “With a kiss” last week. The filing seeks to protect the use of the words as Raftery’s during sports broadcasts and on athletic apparel.

Raftery said in the past he wasn’t preoccupied with owning what he uttered, but he recently decided to see “what direction it goes in.

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Gucci vs. Guess: the Florentine fashion brand wins (partially) the second round

S.R.L. (hereafter together: “Guess”) by recognizing the existence of unfair competition acts (and specifically, servile imitation, passing off and parasitic competition) and thus recognizing, consequently, the right of Gucci to obtain a monetary compensation from Guess.

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DuPont Patents: From Plastics to Ethanol Production Using Bacterial Processes

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (NYSE: DD), known as DuPont and headquartered in Wilmington, DE, is an American chemical company responsible for the creation of many commercially successful polymers, refrigerants and other chemical products. The latest quarterly earnings report released by this company shows thatDuPont increased corporate profits by 20 percent over the past year’s third quarter results. However, some industry commentators look to uncertainty in DuPont’s agricultural business as a sign of possible instability in this company.

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Congress needs to rein in patent trolls

Both the White House and congressional leaders have been vocal in their support for reforming the US patent system to rein in “patent trolls.” Trolls are firms with no interest in innovation or technology transfer; they hold patents to assert them against innocent businesses to extract some of the profit from genuine innovators.

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‘Bad patents’ on human genes hinder health care, hospital says

One of the country’s premiere pediatric hospitals is challenging the notion that human genes can be patented by filing a lawsuit that, if successful, could lead to a rewriting of patent law and sharply advance the advent of personalized medicine.

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Ontario hospital launches lawsuit against owners of gene patent
A hospital in eastern Ontario is launching a lawsuit against the owners of a patent of cardiac genes, in the hopes that the case will eventually make it easier for Canadian doctors to conduct important genetic testing.
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3 Big Patent Moves That Won’t Generate Real Value

Sophisticated companies understand that intellectual property is important and, frequently, can account for 85 percent or more of a company’s value. Without patent protection, competitors could (and would) freely copy their innovations. To competitors, such copying is simply good business. To the innovating company, however, unhindered copying can quickly wipe away corporate value.

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Patentes, la protección del conocimiento

Los hallazgos científicos deben resguardarse para evitar que cualquier empresa farmacéutica o laboratorio los tome, los comercialice y se beneficie económicamente con un trabajo ajeno sin ningún aporte de su parte.

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China Opens Intellectual Property Courts to Improve Image

China will set up its first specialized court to handle intellectual property cases in Beijing within two weeks as it seeks to answer criticisms the country is lax in protecting such rights.

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Judge rules Redskins can sue group that objected to team trademarks

A federal judge has decided that the Washington Redskins organization is permitted to sue the Native Americans who complained to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office about the team’s name, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

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La Oficina de Patentes recibe cada año más de 20 solicitudes de Burgos

La Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas (OEPM) ofrece datos y cifras en materia de protección industrial que corresponden tanto a solicitudes presentadas como publicadas de patentes, modelos de utilidad, signos distintivos y diseños industriales. Pues bien, estas estadísticas en la provincia de Burgos revelan que en 2013 se solicitaron un total de 24 patentes y 12 modelos de utilidad y un año antes, 22 y 24, respectivamente. Además, en el primer semestre de este año se han registrado 13 y siete, respectivamente.

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