Week’s news headlines – may 29th 2015

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Where are women in intellectual property and arbitration?

Felicia Boyd shares insight into the challenges for women in IP and elevating to arbitrator roles

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Photographer Suing Pinterest in Federal Court Over Repeated Copyright Infringement

A Seattle-based fine art photographer is suing Pinterest for infringing upon his copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Christopher Boffoli claims that his photographs have been posted over 5,000 times on the public site, and that Pinterest isn’t doing enough to “protect photographers and their work”.

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Third party’s abusive “BENFICA” trademark was rejected on grounds of notoriety and bad faith!

A third party has filed the trademark application no.2013/40967 for the denomination “BENFICA” as a word mark on May 4, 2013 aiming to obtain trademark registration in classes 25 and 35 (including the retail services for the sales of goods in classes 18, 24, 25, 26). The application has been published in the official bulletin dated January 13, 2014 for a period of three months for opposition purposes.

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Big Copyright Protection … Bill Seeks Preservation Of Intellectual Property For Up To 95 Years

The House of Representatives has commenced debate on a bill which is intended to preserve the copyrights of owners of intellect property for up to 95 years.

Anthony Hylton, minister of industry, investment and commerce, in opening the debate on the bill titled the ‘Copyright (Amendment) Act’, said copyright provisions should “manage the fragile balance of trade and public interest”.

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Cisco Loses Supreme Court Patent Case: Intellectual Property

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Commil USA LLC in its claim that Cisco Systems Inc. infringed its patent for wireless transmission technology and induced others to do the same by selling the equipment at issue.

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China and America Go to War…over Intellectual Property

Last week alone saw two cases, with a star Chinese professor arrested on arrival in LA (five of his colleagues were also charged but remain at home) and a Philadelphia physics department head arraigned. The circumstances were unrelated but the complaint the same: unauthorized transfer of intellectual property to China for commercial or strategic gain.

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Apple v. Samsung: Trade Dress Functionality and Total Profits without Apportionment

The highly publicized Apple v. Samsung litigation saga began in April 2011 when Samsung alleged various infringements of patents and trade dress related to Apple’s iPhone. A jury awarded more than $1 billion in damages. In a May 18, 2015, opinion, a three-judge panel of the Federal Circuit reversed on trade dress, decreasing some damages, but affirmed on design and utility patent infringement and damages.

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