Week´s news headlines – mar. 4th 2016

Bob Marley copyrights: decision of the Court of Appeal: What do words mean? Back to basics

In the case of BSI Enterprises Limited v Blue Mountain Music Limited [2015] EWCA Civ 1151, a music publisher was unable to overturn a 2014 High Court decision regarding the copyright ownership of some Bob Marley songs, including “No Woman No Cry”. It was held by the Court of Appeal that wording used in a definition cannot be altered or interpreted differently by language subsequently used in a contract which is not intended to alter that definition. Although fact-specific, the decision illustrates the application of the basic principles of contractual interpretation.

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Protecting Intellectual Property Remains the Top Job for Association of American Publishers

The publishing industry’s trade association had a busy year protecting copyright in a changing market

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These college students took on one of America’s top trademark bullies – and won

In 2012, Li Chih, the Silver Spring owner and overseer of a niche online forum called MonsterFishKeepers, filed for a trademark so he could sell logo T-shirts to other aquarium-owning hobbyists who enjoy chatting about very large fish.

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Hong Kong’s copyright reform cannot proceed without trust

Michael D. Pendleton traces the development of Hong Kong’s intellectual property protections, and says that while change is necessary, people must also have confidence in those proposing the changes

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Dell’s $67bn slurp of EMC gets green light from EU antitrust bods

Now, about that $67bn price tag on the deal

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German court Fines Facebook $109,000 Over Intellectual Property Clause

A court in Germany fined Facebook $109,330 for its refusal to follow an order regarding an intellectual property statement. Four years ago, the court found that site’s terms and condition failed to sufficiently tackle intellectual property concerns in the country.

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India: Ambit Of Global Intellectual Rights Over Traditional Knowledge

Just like a cat is believed to have nine lives, the discussion of intellectual property rights over the local or traditional knowledge refuses to die. The moment it is believed to have ended it again resurrects. This editorial observes the deliberation over the elimination of indigenous or local knowledge forms from the global intellectual property system, and the Indian way to mitigation.

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IT directors must protect intellectual property

Many IT directors and CIOs are not fully aware of the importance of protecting commissioned websites and software.

Talking to ITProPortal, intellectual property (IP) lawyer Shireen Smith of IP-specialist law firm Azrights said, “If an IT director commissions a website or a piece of software without being entirely sure that their business will own the finished project, they are taking a huge risk.

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Antitrust and intellectual property rights: NDRC’s Xu Xinyu on the Qualcomm case

Xu Xinyu is a director at the anti-monopoly bureau of China’s National Development and Reform Commission. In an English language exclusive for GCR, Xinyu reflects on the bureau’s Qualcomm investigation and explains how the enforcer should regulate antitrust and intellectual property rights.

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Glanbia hit with trademark lawsuit in California over new protein brand

Just three months after it launched its Trusource brand in the biggest US supermarket chain, Glanbia has been slapped with a lawsuit that alleges it has infringed existing trademarks.

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Kylie Jenner vs. Kylie Minogue in epic Kylie trademark battle

There was Hamilton vs. Burr. There was Foreman vs. Ali. And now that Kylie Minogue has challenged Kylie Jenner’s attempt to trademark her name, there is Kylie vs. Kylie.

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IBM sues Groupon over 1990s patents related to Prodigy

Yesterday, Big Blue filed a lawsuit (PDF) against Groupon, saying the company has infringed four IBM patents, including patents 5,796,967 and 7,072,849. Each of those relates to the Prodigy service. IBM inventors working on Prodigy “developed novel methods for presenting applications and advertisements,” and “the technological innovations embodied in these patents are fundamental to the efficient communication of Internet content,” according to the company.

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Biggest patent troll of 2014 gives up, drops appeal

In 2014, no company filed more patent lawsuits than eDekka LLC, a Texas-based company with just one asset—US Patent No. 6,266,674. Fully 168 patent lawsuits came to a sudden halt in October, when US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap stopped the litigation campaign in its tracks.

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