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The perils of not protecting intellectual property for new ventures 

Soothe Healthcare’s big dilemma ahead of the launch of its affordable sanitary napkin was whether or not to patent the technology and design. In the end, the company decided against it.
“At this point, it’s not worth the risk-reward,” said Sahil Dharia, managing director of the two-year-old startup. “It’s an acceptable loss.” The startup world has two kinds of entrepreneurs: those who patent their ideas, and those who don’t.
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India: Technology Transfer Agreement: Intellectual Property Rights And Competition Law

The creation or absorption of new technology has become a vital component for companies to improve or maintain their competitive position in the market place. Companies operating in sectors where competition takes place on the basis of price alone, such as the extraction or commercialization of raw materials, may rely on new technologies to improve their efficiency in the extraction of raw materials by improving their productive processes or acquiring new machinery and equipment.

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Russia to create register of intellectual property rights holders

A register containing information about intellectual property rights holders will be compiled in Russia, Deputy Minister of Communications and Media Alexei Volin said Friday at a meeting of the council on culture under the State Duma speaker.

Volin said the register would be based on the principle of digital fingerprinting and would be used to track and protect copyrighted files online.

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Hedge Funds Found a New Way to Attack Drug Companies and Short Their Stock

Drugmakers are getting more and more nervous that hedge funds have found a way to make money by putting their patents in jeopardy.

Taking advantage of new rules created by Congress three years ago, hedge funds have increasingly been filing challenges to pharmaceutical patents. Some may be angling for payouts to drop their claims, while others are shorting the stock, betting that the manufacturers’ shares will plummet.

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How Life360 won its patent war

In May 2014, Life360 CEO Chris Hulls received an aggressive patent demand letter. The letter, from lawyers representing a company called Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS), told him he needed to pay for a “royalty-bearing license” to its four patents, or Life360 and its customers would have to “cease and desist” from infringement.

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Smith & Nephew, High Times, Mary Kay: Intellectual Property

Smith & Nephew Plc, a London-based maker of medical devices, prevailed against Arthrex Inc. in an 11-year-old patent dispute.

Smith & Nephew filed the case in January 2004. In June 2011, an Oregon federal jury decided that Naples, Florida-based Arthrex had infringed patent 5,601,5576, which covers an anchoring device used in shoulder surgery. Arthrex appealed.

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Nike contra Cristiano

Nike le advirtió a Cristiano Ronaldo, a quien patrocina, que los calzados CR7 que piensa fabricar son competencia directa de sus productos.

En 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo lanzó una línea de ropa interior en asociación con el fabricante danés JBS Textile Group, con la colaboración del Richard Chai y bajo la marca CR7, el apodo con el que es conocido mundialmente.

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Cubatabaco gana contra General Cigar

El Tribunal Supremo de Estados Unidos falló a favor de Cubatabaco en su lucha por obtener el registro de la marca Cohíba en ese país.

En junio del año pasado un tribunal federal de apelaciones de Estados Unidos permitió a Cubatabaco solicitar que se cancele en ese país el registro sobre la marca Cohíba, perteneciente a la tabacalera estadounidense General Cigar.

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Let’s Get Personal – Trademark Protection for Personal Names

What’s in a name? Well, a name can suggest a lot about an individual, including their ancestry and heritage. We identify ourselves by, and answer to, our given names. It’s often the first piece of information exchanged between individuals who don’t know each other. Arguably, nothing serves as a stronger identifier of an individual than their given name. But does this make personal names appropriate for trademark protection?

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Trademark disputes popping up around Michigan

Interested in Michigan craft beer? If so, you may have heard about a certain trademark dispute: the larger Bell’s Brewery filed a complaint against the fledgling Innovation Brewing. Bell’s believes Innovation’s name is too similar to Bell’s trademark, “Bottling innovation since 1985.”

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Oficina de Patentes de Perú impide libre compra de fármaco para tratar leucemia

Los pacientes con leucemia mieloide cuya enfermedad ha entrado en fase crónica y acelerada tendrán que interrumpir sus tratamientos como mínimo un mes debido a una resolución del Instituto de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Propiedad Intelectual  (Indecopi) que impide la comercialización de todas las presentaciones del producto farmaceútico Liteda, con el principio activo de Dasatinib. Este principio activo de última generacion es el único tratamiento disponible para los enfermos de este tipo de cáncer a la sangre que han hecho resistencia a un primer esquema de tratamiento.

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India’s Fight Against Big Pharma Patents Is a Just War

The latest skirmish in the Indian government’s long-running battle with the global pharmaceutical industry came last week, when officials withdrew patent protection for an emphysema drug marketed by Germany’s Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH.

India’s refusal to recognize patents on some of Western drug makers’ most profitable medicines has been the cause of considerable rancor between New Delhi and governments in the U.S. and Europe, who say India is failing to adhere to global intellectual-property rules.

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Multa a Pisco Vargas

Pisco Vargas Puro de Ica fue sancionado por no cumplir con las normas de Denominación de Origen del famoso producto.

Una investigación del Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual (Indecopi) determinó que el producto “Pisco Vargas Puro de Ica” no cumplía con las normas del Reglamento de la Denominación de Origen Pisco, lo que desembocó en una sanción económica de oficio para la empresa.

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Altísima piratería en apps

Un reciente informe afirma que la piratería en las aplicaciones móviles alcanza un nivel de hasta el 97%.

El informe analizó durante más de dos años todas las apps (legales e ilegales) de una reconocida marca global que se pueden encontrar en distintas tiendas de aplicaciones: se localizaron un total de 840 aplicaciones ilegales y tan solo 11 legales.

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Qualcomm, U-Haul, Apple, Google: Intellectual Property

How do you say “Qualcomm” in Chinese? That may depend on a Shanghai court battle against the team that beat Apple Inc. in a similar dispute three years ago.

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Collegiate Color Trademarks: Not A Pigment Of Your Imagination

School colors have long served as a way for students, alumni and fans to show allegiance to their schools. Various color schemes appear on the flag flown on game day, are shouted as a rally call, or are shown and written on a favorite T-shirt, bringing supporters together as a community to say “we’ve got spirit!” But these colors are more than a way to tell if a stranger deserves a high five or heckling on game day; they, along with traditional trademarks, are part of universities’ licensing portfolios that brought in total royalty revenues of $209 million in 2013.1.

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Apple didn’t violate wireless tech patents, jury finds

A federal jury in Texas says that Apple did not infringe on five wireless technology patents in a case filed back in 2012.

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Startup Intellectual Property Tips: Protection and Avoiding Infringement

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in articles focused on the importance of securing intellectual property (IP) in the early stages of a company. Many of the articles are written by service providers, including attorneys. Could this be self-serving? Sure, but I choose to view these as more educational than salesy. Because these articles speak the truth: identifying and protecting your intangible assets from the start is sound business practice.

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Fashion Business & Law Institute promove evento para discutir o branding na moda
Fashion Brand vai abordar o tema pelo ponto de vista de advogados, profissionais de marketing, gestores de marca e empresários do setor, que se reúnem no Shopping Iguatemi (SP)

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Qualcomm faces US$100bn lawsuit

Shanghai-based semiconductor company Genitop Research Co. yesterday said it would seek a US$100 billion penalty against Qualcomm Inc for trademark infringement — almost as much as the US mobile chip titan’s entire market capitalization.

The claims from Genitop come after Beijing fined the US firm nearly US$1 billion for monopoly offenses.

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The In-N-Out Effect: Trademark Mistakes You Need To Avoid
n 2007, a hungry entrepreneur brought the popularity of California based burger chain In-N-Out to Utah. Only it wasn’t In-N-Out. It was called Chadder’s, and it was the fake Rolex equivalent of fast food. Chadder’s copied the same In-N-Out color scheme, same menu and allowed customers to converse using the same secret code words when ordering a burger with the works.
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