Week’s news headlines – mar. 13th 2015

Embracing nontraditional trademarks: expand your brand through all the senses! 

The human senses have the powerful ability to trigger memories and help retain information.  The tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” helps millions of kids learn the alphabet every year, and even adults retain that tune when they have to recite the ABCs.  The smell of freshly baked cookies can transport us back to memories of youth helping bake in grandma’s kitchen.

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Plain packs: an attack on intellectual property

Today’s parliamentary vote on plain packs for cigs needs to consider some actual facts.

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 ‘Blurred Lines,’ Aereo, White Oak: Intellectual Property

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke crossed the line in recording the biggest hit song of 2013 by borrowing too much from the late Marvin Gaye and were ordered by a U.S. jury to give up $7.4 million in compensation.

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Paraguay analiza diseñar Marca País

El Ministerio de Industria y Comercio y la Secretaría Nacional de Cultura analizan la creación y desarrollo de una Marca País que refleje la cultura paraguaya.

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MagneGas Files Provisional Patents Related to Micro-Biology

The latest provisional patents are part of MagneGas Corporation’s effort to strengthen and broaden its intellectual property. The applications relates to new uses of micro-biology in conjunction with a MagneGas system for certain agricultural and municipal sludge applications. The Company is negotiating with industry experts and channel partners to commercialize this new intellectual property.

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WIPO Encourages Participation Of Women In Intellectual Property System

As the United Nations celebrated Women Day on 8 March, the World Intellectual Property Organization had an ongoing initiative to encourage women’s participation in a WIPO social media platform on technology and innovation.

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Plain packaging could put Britain’s reputation for intellectual property at risk

It’s an acronym that might be thought to only excite lawyers, but the importance of IP (intellectual property) to the economy cannot be overstated. If we want a business environment that promotes trade and investment, it’s crucial that we’re seen as a global leader in this area.

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EU needs renewed consensus on intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are one of the driving forces of innovation and creativity and are a key contributor to competitiveness and employment in the European Union. Both online and offline should be considered in policy actions against intellectual property rights infringement, but it is clear that online issues are of greatest concern to the majority of citizens.

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Sandy Hook: Victim’s family seeks trademark protection

The family of a teacher gunned down in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting have applied to trademark her name in an effort to stop online harassment. Will it help?

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Bell’s Brewery in trademark dispute with microbrewer

Innovation Brewing of Sylva, N.C. makes only about 500 barrels of beer a year, mostly sold in Jackson County. But size doesn’t matter in a tough trademark dispute with the much bigger Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, which made more than 310,000 barrels last year.

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Federal Court declines to take a full bite out of trademark infringer

A recent decision involving a lawsuit for trademark infringement, passing off and depreciation of goodwill, Black & Decker Corporation v. Piranha Abrasives Inc., 2015 FC 185, affirms that nominal damages in trademark infringement cases are obtainable and takes an interesting delayed implementation approach to permanent injunctive relief.

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Dude, Where’s My Marijuana Trademark?

As cannabis businesses compete for customers, communicating their products’ quality and value becomes key. Marijuana companies that understand the need to differentiate their business and products from those of their competitors need to know what they can do to enhance and protect their brands.

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$7.4 million verdict in ‘Blurred Lines’ case likely to ripple through music, legal industries

A verdict saying Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye’s music to create their hit song “Blurred Lines” could ripple across the music industry, potentially changing how artists work and opening the door to new copyright claims.

An eight-person jury determined Tuesday that Williams and Thicke copied elements of Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got to Give It Up” and ordered the pair to pay nearly $7.4 million to the late R&B legend’s three children.

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PH still excluded from intellectual property rights blacklist

The Philippines was excluded for the third straight year from the list of territories with high incidence of online and physical piracy and counterfeiting watched by the United States.

The country maintained its improved intellectual property rights status in the 2014 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets which the United States Trade Representative released on March 5, 2014.

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Google Pact, Oprah, Las Vegas Sands: Intellectual Property

Google Inc., maker of the Android operating system for mobile devices, and Skyhook Wireless Inc. settled a dispute involving global positioning detection patents, according to a March 5 court filing.

Boston-based Skyhook sued Google in September 2010 in Massachusetts federal court, alleging nine patents were infringed. Terms of the settlement weren’t disclosed in the court filing.

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Trademarks and Taylor Swift: will she license merchandise or just keep Others at bay?

Does Taylor Swift plan to become the Martha Stewart of the music world?

It’s a question asked half in jest, but something to consider given Swift’s recent applications to apply trademarks of her song lyrics to a variety of household items. The phrases from her latest album include “this sick beat” and “Party Like It’s 1989,” prompting some artists to accuse Swift of trying to “own” common words. But a closer look might persuade them she actually has an intriguing trademark registration strategy.

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La Ley de Patentes prevé proteger el software, un supuesto rechazado por la UE en 2005

La nueva Ley de Patentes impulsada por el Gobierno, que se está tramitando en el Congreso de los Diputados, recupera un supuesto que fue rechazado por el Parlamento Europeo en 2005 y que contempla la posibilidad de que el software -programas de ordenador- incluido en una invención se pueda patentar.

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Suven Life Sciences Jumps 5% on Securing Patents

Shares of Suven Life Sciences jumped as much as 5 per cent to Rs 245 after the company reported that it had got patent for neuro-degenerative drug.
Pharmaceutical firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by Eurasia and Israel for drug used in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases.

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Well-known Belgian painter breached the copyrights of a photographer

On 15 January 2015, the president of the commercial court of Antwerp rendered his decision in the case of the well-known Belgian painter Luc Tuymans against the press photographer Katrijn Van Giel.

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Google’s efforts to bring art to the masses foiled by copyrights

When Google launched its “Art Project” four years ago, it touted it as a huge boon for freedom of information and cultural connectivity. But if you peek into any of the museums on Google Street View now, you’ll notice lots of big, blurred rectangles where paintings should be — the result of a copyright system that keeps even important artworks from being viewed publicly.

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