Week’s news headlines – jun. 5th 2015

Ford accused by software maker of intellectual property theft

A Texas software company that says it helped Ford Motor Co. significantly reduce warranty costs and bring vehicles to market faster has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the automaker of stealing its intellectual property.

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Who, What, Why: Can the KitKat shape be a trademark?

Confectionery giant Nestle is attempting to turn the shape of the KitKat bar into a trademark. But is this possible, asks Justin Parkinson.

KitKats are hugely popular across much of Europe, North America and Asia, with more than one billion products bought each year.

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Food and Beverage, Law & IP Summit: Coca-Cola talks trade secrets

Coca-Cola’s legal counsel has said that increasing pressure from consumer groups and government bodies for more transparency around confectionery products is adding to the difficulty of protecting its trade secrets.

Cristina Rossi, European food law counsel for the Coca-Cola Company, told attendees today (June 2) at the Food and Beverage, Law & IP Summit in London that protecting trade secrets is invaluable to the company.

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Smartflash founder claims he received death threats after Apple case

The founder of a company that was awarded more than $500 million after it successfully sued Apple for patent infringement has claimed he received multiple anonymous death threats after the case.

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Food and Beverage, Law & IP Summit: Diageo discusses fighting counterfeits

A representative from drinks company Diageo has said it is important that government authorities and brands work together to fight counterfeit products.

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Inglewood tries to silence a critic with a copyright lawsuit

The council is suing an Inglewood resident, Joseph Teixeira, and 10 unidentified cohorts for publishing six videos on YouTube that use snippets of recordings from council meetings without the city’s permission. The lawsuit alleges that Teixeira — whose videos sharply criticize Mayor James T. Butts Jr. — violated the copyrights the city holds to the recordings, and it demands that he pay the city damages, cover its attorney fees and never violate the city’s copyrights again.

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Apple loses trademark case vs MyPhone

ech giant Apple Inc. just lost its trademark case against the Philippine company behind My|phone.

In a disclosure to the stock exchange on Tuesday, Solid Group said the Philippines’ Intellectual Property Office (IPO) dismissed the case filed by Apple against Solid Broadband Corp., which sells My|phone.

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Facebook sics trademark lawyers on “Designbook” startup

Kyle Clark and Aaron Pollak created “Designbook” last year. It’s a website meant as place for entrepreneurs to meet collaborators, new team members, and investors.

The Vermont startup’s name, however, has run into opposition from Facebook. The social-networking giant recently informed the Designbook founders that it would be opposing their trademark application.

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