Week’s news headlines – jun. 26th 2015

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Protecting Intellectual Property in the Cloud

As intellectual property (IP) becomes the heart of the global economy, collaboration is becoming increasingly important.

For most corporations, research organizations and other institutions, that means turning to the cloud. In many cases, the cloud makes mobile work and collaboration easier, offering unprecedented advantages in terms of storing and syncing information across multiple devices. The cloud makes sharing information seamless, boosts productivity and unchains people from their physical offices, enabling cross-border coordination and easy access to files and the insights they contain. According to the RightsScale 2014 State of the Cloud Report (, nearly 90 percent of businesses already use the cloud, and that number is only expected to grow. Clearly, the cloud is here to stay.

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social media and clinical trials

Rhianon Ebsworth, senior corporate counsel at pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, and Helen Roberts, a life sciences solicitor, discussed how clinical trial practice might evolve online, raising questions about data collection, disclosure and its effect on a company’s IP protection.

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Trademarks: The First Line of Defense Protecting Your Brand (Infographic)

The value of Apple’s brand was $124.2 billion in 2014. Microsoft’s brand was worth $63 billion. And Google’s brand was worth $56.6 billion. That’s big money. Even if your company’s brand isn’t worth as much Apple, Microsoft, or Google, it’s worth protecting.

The most visible component of your brand are the logos, words or phrases that instantly identify your goods and services to customers. Think about the Nike swoosh or Google written in blue, red, yellow and green. These logos, words and phrases are also the easiest part of a business to copy.

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Supermac’s in trademark battle with McDonald’s

Fast food chain Supermac’s has stepped up its battle with McDonald’s to have its company name registered across Europe with Managing Director Pat McDonagh personally handing in a submission in Spain today.

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US Political Trademarks And Campaign Branding 2016

As prospective presidential candidates prepare to plunge voters in the United States into campaign purgatory, it is time for pundits to examine how candidates are branding their political campaigns and crafting their messages to appeal to the electoral audience. With the presidential race beginning to heat up, which candidate will seize the message that resonates most with American voters? And what will that message be?

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The price of innovation: higher fees could stifle patentes.

Patents are instrumental to our current innovation system. They encourage inventors to share their ideas, rather than keeping them secreted away, by offering the inventor exclusive rights to exploit their idea for a limited period.

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El Rey le quita la corona a Burger King

La Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio negó nuevamente la solicitud de Burger King para registrar la marca “El sabor es el rey”.

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Lego, marca comunitaria

El Tribunal General de la Unión Europea no vio válidas las razones que Best Lock presentó para desestimar el registro de las figuras de Lego como marca comunitaria.

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Negativo para Kit Kat

El simple pero reconocido diseño de la forma del chocolate Kit Kat fue desaprobado por la Unión Europea en el intento que Nestlé hizo por registrarlo.

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