Week’s news headlines – jul. 24th 2015

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Intel sues SF marketing company over trademarks

Intel says “behavioral targeting” by SF’s Vital Intel will confuse customers.

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Jamaica’s new copyright means Jamaicans pay for reggae the rest of the world gets free

Jamaica now has the third-longest copyright term in the world, and the term extension has been imposed retrospectively, all the way back to works created in 1962, the year ska burst on the public scene.

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Novartis, Tory Burch, Ashley Madison: Intellectual Property

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Seahawks granted trademark to ’12s’

The Seattle Seahawks are a step closer to owning more of the number 12 market.

The entity that owns the team, Paul Allen’s Northwest Football LLC, was granted the trademark to “12s” last week.

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Pride organizations in Vancouver and Toronto jostle over trademarks

Pride Toronto has applied for trademarks for several of its parades, angering other Pride groups in Canada.

The organization, which stages the city’s Pride week festivities celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transexual rights every summer, applied for trademarks for its Dyke March, a march for lesbian rights, and Trans* March, a similar march for trans rights.

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Congress’ patent reform plan is an assault on workers

The “Help Wanted” signs are up all across America. After shedding several hundred thousand jobs in the 2000, manufacturing has expanded payrolls the past four years. Firms are looking to fill about 350,000 positions. That’s welcome news for 600,000 still-unemployed manufacturing laborers

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Silicon Valley’s Biggest Companies Take Samsung’s Side in Apple Patent Fight

A group of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies including Facebook, Google, Dell, HP, eBay and others joined the patent war between Apple and Samsung this month with a petition to a federal appeals court, asking the panel to review its decision ordering Samsung to turn over profits from a handful of Apple patent infringements.

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Brazil: Parasitic Exploitation: Unfair Practice Among Non-Competitors

Violations against the assets that comprise the tangible property of a legal entity are easily perceptible. They are condemned and prohibited by several laws of different nature.

The most known violations against intangible assets include crimes against trademarks, patents and industrial designs, provided for in the Brazilian Industrial Property Law (Law 9279/96), as well as copyright violations, provided for in the Copyright Law (Law 9610/98).

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KPN fined EUR 8 million for unfair competition

Dutch regulator ACM announced two fines totaling EUR 8 million against KPN for unfair competition. The first fine of EUR 6 million was for violations in the monitoring service ISDN-Lijnbewaking in the period 2009-2013.

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