Week’s news headlines – jul. 17th 2015

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Federal court upholds cancellation of REDSKINS trademark registrations

A federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia recently upheld the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s (TTAB) decision to cancel six trademark registrations held by Pro Football, Inc. related to the Washington Redskins football team. The court agreed with the TTAB’s conclusion that the trademarks are disparaging to Native Americans,

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2 Thai coffee brands win EU geographic trademarks

Doi Tung, Doi Chaang win same distinction as Bordeax wine, Champagne

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What Morpho Means: Why Hackers Target Intellectual Property And Business-Confidential Information

A quiet, professional cyberespionage group steals what every company wants to keep secret: valuable information that drives business. Welcome to the new normal.

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Chinese Corporation Seeks Intellectual Property in US Buyout

A Chinese microchip company has prepared a multi-billion-dollar bid to purchase Micron Technology Inc. If successful, it would be the largest Chinese takeover of a United States company and grant the Chinese access to important technology, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Tullis Russell’s intellectual property assets up for sale

The intellectual property assets of paper makers Tullis Russell have been put up for sale under the instruction of administrators KPMG.

Founded in 1809, the Fife-based manufacturer of brand names including Trucard, Mellotex, Lustrulux and Gemini went into administration earlier this year.

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Patents are a terrible way to measure innovation

On the surface, patents provide an easy way to measure innovation. After all, patent statistics are readily available, they are objective and they are quantifiable, so you can quickly tally up the number of patents by company, city or nation, and immediately have a sense of how innovation varies by geography, industry or even time period. It’s no wonder patent data is often used as a leading indicator of innovation.

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Copyrights Are Important Across America

Rural Pennsylvania and the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles are not top-of-mind locations associated with copyrights. But those are the homes respectively of Tom Marino and Judy Chu, authors of a discussion draft to modernize the Copyright Office. It turns out that copyrights are important not just to Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Manhattan. Copyrights are important to all of America.

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Publishing copyright difficulties in Indonesia

A case on educational tools illustrates the difficulties in asserting publishing copyrights. The Plaintiff is the author and copyright owner of various behaviour assessment tools and materials inspired from William Marston’s DISC Theory. The materials are registered copyrights in the USA and have been applied for under Indonesia’s voluntary copyright system.

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For $54.99, on the website, you can buy a maroon Miami Springs Senior High School Golden Hawks hooded sweatshirt, complete with an image of Golden Hawk. Or you can buy a MAST Academy Makos hat, in navy for $21.99 . Or even, for $19.99, a white Avocado Aces t-shirt, for the elementary school in Homestead.

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Court decides on protection afforded to greyscale trademark

Colours play a significant role in consumer perception of trademarks. They are commonly used by the most successful brands to assist in the identification of goods and to help consumers to make a clear distinction between goods and services from different sources.

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Top Nazi’s estate owed copyright royalties by biographer, German court rules

German court orders Random House to pay relatives of former top Nazi.

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Japan trying to end wartime copyright extensions under TPP

The Abe government is seeking to abolish wartime copyright extensions in negotiations on the protection of intellectual property rights as part of Trans-Pacific Partnership multilateral free trade talks.

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