Week´s news headlines – fev. 26th 2016

Two KC Brazilian restaurants grill each other over trademarks

Fogo de Chão Inc., which operates a restaurant 222 W. 47th St. in Kansas City, accused a former employee of violating its trademarks after he opened a competing Brazilian steakhouse called Espirito Do Sul.

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Revenue Implications of a Potential U.S. Patent Boxes

A robust workforce and ample investment are the main ingredients of a growing economy. But the alchemy that produces truly booming economies often lies in technological breakthroughs. To foster these leaps in innovation, nations (the United States included) provide funding for basic research patent protections and tax incentives. Innovation or patent “boxes” are a growing feature of many nations’ research support policies that attract research-intensive investment. Patent boxes offer preferential tax treatment of income derived from intellectual property, often patent-related income.

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Has the patent system reached a pivotal turning point?

Patent law has always swung like a pendulum. Swinging between more restrictive regimes where patent owners have few meaningful rights and back to a place where patent owners enjoy strong property rights.

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At first the problem seemed like a mechanical issue. A piece of machinery failed to operate properly. A rescue mission had to be aborted. Someone died.

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Red Wing Stoneware settles lawsuit with collectors over trademarks

Nearly a year after it began, a lawsuit that pitted the Red Wing Stoneware factory against a group of stoneware collectors has been settled with both sides claiming victory.

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Yosemite dispute prompts bill to ban name trademarks at California parks

Comparing the Yosemite renaming controversy to a punch in the gut, Assemblyman Ken Cooley on Monday announced a bill that would prohibit California from contracting with concessionaires who attempt to trademark names associated with a state park.
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In bad shape: Registration of 3D trademarks

It is common knowledge that words, phrases and logos (such as Coca-Cola, ‘Have a break’ and the Nike swoosh) can be protected as registered trademarks in order to give exclusive rights to its owner. However it often comes as a surprise to brand owners that such protection can also be extended to three-dimentional (3D) shapes.

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5 Ways To Turn Your Patents Into Gold

Experts say that ideas and intellectual property have become the chief source of wealth in the Knowledge Economy, comprising 80% of the value of public companies today. But this begs the question: how can your company actually use its IP to bolster its financial and strategic position?

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Patents Office rolls back guidelines allowing patenting for software, hailed as victory for startups

The Patent Office’s decision to roll back its guidelines that allowed software patents in India is being hailed as a big win for domestic startups, which will not have to worry about expensive patent litigation that can potentially stifle innovation in the country. Indian law on granting patents for software became a hot issue among startups, in the past year, after the Indian Patent Office in August interpreted the law to mean that if a software had industrial applications, it could be granted a patent.

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