Week’s news headlines – apr. 30th 2015

Louis Vuitton loses battle over signature chequered pattern as EU ruling cancels two of the brand’s registered trademarks
French luxury label Louis Vuitton faced a ‘double blow’ over its use of its trademark chequerboard pattern after an EU court threw out its right to exclusively use its logo.

Celebrity-favourite Louis Vuitton had been fighting to protect its signature chequered squares since 2009

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Google takes aim at patent trolls with intellectual property marketplace

Firm wants to buy your patents to keep them out of the hands of trolls

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The “Blurred Lines” of music and copyright: Part one

Possibly the highest-profile copyright case of the past 12 months centered on a trial between the creators of the catchy tune, “Blurred Lines”, and the Marvin Gaye estate over the song’s supposed similarities to the 1977 hit, “Got to Give it up”. The jury’s decision to award the Gaye family $7.4 million has been met with some consternation in both law and music circles, with Pharrell Williams reportedly telling the media that this verdict spells disaster for the creative industries.

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Intellectual property is high on the agenda for corporates, says SPAG report

A recently released report on the occasion of World IP Day(April 26th) titled ‘Benefit Sharing In A Globalized India’ by Strategic Partners Group (SPAG), a leading research and advocacy firm shows that Indian corporate leaders favors the need for a sustainable intellectual property (IP) framework in India.

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Federal Circuit will rehear “disparaging marks” trademark case about The Slants — and the Redskins case may be affected

Federal trademark law denies certain protections to trademarks that “may disparage … persons, living or dead, institutions, beliefs, or national symbols, or bring them into contempt, or disrepute.” Does that exclusion violate the First Amendment? The Federal Circuit just agreed to rehear that question en banc, in the case involving the Asian-American band “The Slants” (which I discussed here). And the decision in the case may well affect the Redskins controversy, which is now pending.

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US software copyright registration is game changer

Global software leaders, Including Oracle, Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, SAP, Apple, and Amazon recognize the importance of US software copyrights and have registered thousands. Every Israeli software company should also protect their software with registered US copyrights.

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