Week´s news headlines – apr. 1st 2016

Congress’ intellectual property breakthrough: A bipartisan victory for Utah innovators and job creators

Utah has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the top states in the nation for business and innovation. But to ensure that Utah companies continue to thrive, we must do more to protect trade secrets.

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Who Owns Your Intellectual Property?

Although traditional economies (i.e., industrial and resource based ones) will probably still be around for a while, there is no doubt that a knowledge based economy, reliant on science, technology, and information is slowly taking off. As a result, it is likely that the explosion of technology creation that has occurred in recent years will continue, and possibly become even greater.

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Recent patents issued to people or companies in New Hampshire

Recent patents issued to people or companies in New Hampshire include:

Allegro Microsystems, Worcester, Massachusetts, has been assigned a patent (9,291,876) developed by two co-inventors for a “system and method for controlling a motor.” The co-inventors are Bryan Cadugan, Bedford, N.H., and Alexander Latham, Still River, Massachusetts. The patent application was filed on May 29, 2013 (13/904,356).

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CRISPR dispute raises bigger patent issues that we’re not talking about

The worlds of science, technology and patent law eagerly await the U.S. government’s decision on who deserves patents on what many have referred to as the biotechnology invention of the century: the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technique.
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Drugmakers move to counteract expiring patents with new respiratory drugs

Recently plagued by patent expirations and generic competition, the respiratory space has found new energy through innovative beyond-the-pill partnerships. Indeed, an enhanced understanding of disease drivers continues to breathe new life — pun unabashedly intended — into a sector on the cusp of rebound

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To boldly go where no copyright suit has gone before

Now that we’ve settled the question of whether monkeys can own copyright,we can move on to the intergalactic portion of our copyright primer. Paramount and CBS, owners of the copyrights in the “Star Trek” film series, have sued Alec Peters and Axanar Productions, producers of the Star Trek based fan film “Axanar,” for infringement of their copyrights.

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Time Warner, Defenders Of Copyright, Forced To Pay Up For Copyright Infringement from the live-by-the-copyright,-die-by-the-copyright dept

You can almost set your watch that any company or group that comes out vehemently in favor of restrictive copyright protection under the guise of protecting artists will be found to be in violation of copyrights and acting in a manner demonstrating clearly that zero care is given to the well-being of artists. The most recent example of this is Time Warner.

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Judge Lets 54 Sudanese Refugees Pursue Copyright and Fraud Claims Over Reese Witherspoon Film

When 54 Sudanese refugees filed a lawsuit in February 2015 against the writers and producers of The Good Lie, a 2014 film starring Reese Witherspoon about those who survived starvation, disease and militia attacks in Darfur to make their way to America, we wrote at the time the dispute was “potentially groundbreaking.” Behold now a remarkable decision on Wednesday that could impact the way that research is conducted for feature films based on true stories.

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EU Lawmakers Are Still Considering This Failed Copyright Idea

For years now, large European newspaper publishers have dreamed of charging news aggregators such as Google GOOG -0.33%  News for the privilege of sending readers to the publishers’ online articles. In other words, they want the advertising benefit of all that traffic, plus money on the side.

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Trump campaign sued for copyright infringement by owners of iconic bald eagle photo

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was sued on Wednesday by award-winning wildlife photographers who say the potential GOP nominee is using their copyright-protected image of an American bald eagle without permission.

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