Trademarks in the metaverse

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The 21st century brought an explosion of technology and innovation that surprises the entire society increasingly transforming the reality in which we live. Currently, one of the most commented innovations is the metaverse, which is a new branch of investment that promises to unite the real and virtual world.

The innovative proposal aims to create, by virtual reality technologies, an immersive cyber environment where it will be possible to socially interact with other people, work, study and go shopping products, which can be delivered to the customer’s physical residence or used in the virtual environment itself.

Several companies such as Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Balenciaga and Gucci decided to join on the initiative through partnerships to sell their products. Nevertheless, McDonald’s recently surprised everyone by requesting 10 applications for  marks to US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with the intention of opening a restaurant in the metaverse’s virtual environment.

Another renowned company that decided to compete in the cybernetic market environment was the French company Carrefour, which recently acquired a land, equivalent to 30 supermarkets in the virtual reality created by “The Sandbox”.

The acquisition was seen as a big step in the company’s digital transformation strategy, because in addition to becoming one of the firsts companies to innovate entering the metaverse business, this act also aimed to understand the future changes in retail industry and consumer branch that will certainly occur due the technological progress.

It is estimated that the metaverse will become a billion-dollar market in a very short time, reaching approximately US$ 1 trillion until 2024.

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