The Madrid Protocol enters into force in Brazil: understand what change in the international registration of trademarks

On October 2, the Madrid Protocol entered into force in Brazil, which is expected to simplify and reduce the costs of international trademark registration in over 120 countries. Also, many foreign brands are expected to be filed in the country.

Previously, in order to apply for international registration, it was necessary to individually pursue trademark protection in each country of interest, and deal with different currencies and procedures. Now, with the Madrid Protocol, it will be possible to apply for trademark registration through a single system and procedure, in the same currency and unify the management of trademarks.

The major countries of the world are part of the Madrid Protocol, such as the USA, Japan, US, Mexico and Colombia. With the adhesion, Brazil becomes next to the great world powers, which could increase the foreign investments in the country, as well as allow Brazilians to feel encouraged to pursue global growth.

It is important to carefully evaluate cost estimative, chances of success in trademark registration and the best strategy to follow.

Our firm has established a study committee, which has been discussing weekly all the important topics. In fact, we were one of the first 5 Brazilian firms to complete the first application for international registration via Madrid Protocol.

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