Week’s news headlines – May 5th 2017

Patents Fixed-time patent-buying programme IP3 back again for 2017; but this time it’s different AST is launching a new version of the Industry Patent Purchase Program (IP3) as it looks to once again give patent owners a quick and efficient way to sell their assets. http://www.iam-media.com/blog/Detail.aspx?g=4e5a465a-60db-4cdb-98c5-114521b35068 InterTrust CEO sees Patent Shield hook-up with Google as […]

Week’s news headlines – Feb. 3rd 2017

Copyright Paul McCartney fights Sony/ATV over copyright termination notices to reclaim Beatles copyrights One of the more interesting copyright stories which have played out over the past few decades took an interesting turn when British singer-songwriter Paul McCartney filed a complaint for declaratory judgement of no breach of contract in the U.S. District Court for […]

Week´s news headlines – Sep. 30th 2016

Can You Trademark a Cocktail Recipe? We find out if it’s possible to protect a drink from competitors. Read more at: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles     To Sue or Not to Sue for Trademark Infringement Infringement can strip the trademark of its value by causing “confusion among consumers” as to the identity and origin of the client’s […]

Week´s news headlines – Sep. 23h 2016

Brain Drain? How Brexit may affect intellectual property rights in Europe The U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union (EU), now referred to as Brexit, will have a significant impact on intellectual property laws in the U.K. and thereby affect U.S. companies doing business there and throughout the EU. Theresa May, who replaced D avid […]

Week´s news headlines – jul. 8th 2016

Unilateral Refusals to License Intellectual Property The antitrust laws generally provide that a firm has no duty to deal with or to aid its competitors.1 This long-established principle applies equally to intellectual property, which the courts treat the same when applying the antitrust laws.2 A unilateral refusal to deal occurs in the IP context when a patent […]

Week´s news headlines – jun. 24th 2016

Impact of UK’s Brexit for Intellectual Property Rights A British vote to leave the European Union (EU)—the Brexit referendum issue scheduled for a vote on June 23, 2016 — would have a significant effect on intellectual property right-holders, such as manufacturers doing business in Europe, as Intellectual Property rights are governed by numerous EU regulations. Bearing in mind […]