Published Decree 10.886/2021 establishing the National Intellectual Property Strategy

Decree No. 10,886 was published on 7th December 2021, establishing the National Intellectual Property Strategy (ENPI in Portuguese), which aims to achieve a National Intellectual Property System (SNPI in portuguese) “effective and balanced, widely known, used and observed, which encourages creativity, investments in innovation and access to knowledge, aiming to increase competitiveness and economic and social development”. Among the guidelines established by article 2 of the ENPI, the guarantee of legal certainty, transparency, and predictability, as well as respect for international commitments, stand out.

In addition to its 5 articles, the Decree has an annex, which lists nine national challenges to be faced in relation to the ineffectiveness of Intellectual Property (IP) systems in national territory, such as lack of judiciary specialization in IP and modernization requirement to IP legal frameworks. Thus, in order to remedy these weaknesses, seven strategic axes were listed for the national strategy (ENPI) to act as a line of action. Furthermore, the aforementioned annex stipulates the period of validity, goals and indicators of the strategy.

This is a work developed by the Interministerial Group on Intellectual Property, formed by 11 Ministries (federal executive departments), which aims to coordinate the actions of the Federal Government about intellectual property. For more details and completeness of the Decree, visit the link:


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