New BPTO’s compensation table and new services of the Madrid Protocol

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On September 26, the Ministry of Economy published the Decree No. 516, which enter into force on October 2, with the new fees for services provided by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO)

In addition, the new Decree includes fees for new services not previously stipulated, such as: counterarguments to appeal; alteration of the registration of geographical indication by an indication of source or and appellation of origin and fulfillment of requirement arising from compliance examination in petition, among others.

Furthermore, a specific table has been created for trademark services concerning the implementation of the Madrid Protocol, these services are identified by codes 3004 to 3013.

The Office’s new fees and new discount criteria came into effect in 10.02.19, in conjunction with the Madrid Protocol in Brazil.

Finally, on October 1st, BPTO published on their Industrial Property Magazine (RPI) Nº 2543 the new resolution that removed 60% discounts for microenterprises, individual microentrepreneurs and small businesses, maintaining this discount only for Patent services.

However, BPTO published on 10.08.19, on their Journal of Intellectual Property (RPI) the Resolution No. 251 which again institutes discounts for specific users.

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