New advertising campaign shed light on the damage caused by piracy

On May 23, the Brazilian Association of Cable TV, ABTA, launched a new campaign to alert the public about the damages caused by illegal interception of satellite signal.

Known in Brazil as “caixinhas” or “little boxes”, the capturing devices are openly sold, and are responsible for huge loss of profit to television companies, which are also dealing with the popularization of the internet and of streaming platforms.

Based on official data by Anatel and IBGE, the association asserts its campaign on the fact that this kind of piracy cause 15,5 billion BRL in damages, affecting all Society, including due to tax invasion.

It is also a consensus among experts that piracy is one of the main sources of revenue for criminal organizations. In a public event held in 2019, the former Minister of Justice Sérgio Moro stated that “Fighting piracy, we protect investments. This is relevant because we are moving towards a stronger and healthier economy. On the other hand, we also protect the consumer and fight criminals. We must cut the criminal organizations revenues.”

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