Inter-ministerial Group approves a Plan of Action for Intellectual Property in Brazil

In its first meeting, on June 9, 2021, the Inter-ministerial Group for Intellectual Property approved the 2021-2023 Plan of Action of the National Strategy for Intellectual Property. The strategy is divided into 7 sessions, which through 210 actions, seeks to (i) promote the use of IPRs to incentivize competition and business; (ii) disseminate IPRs in the market, society and Academia; (iii) strengthen the public organs that serve the IP system; (iv) simplify and strengthen IPR regulation in Brazil  in order to incentivize people to use the system; (v) educate society about the relevance of IPRs; (vi) stimulate the developments of data basis and analysis about IP in Brazil in order to support innovation and the creative economy; and (vii) strengthen Brazil’s insertion in international IP forums, to attract foreign investors.

In the meeting, besides choosing 49 (from the 210) actions as a priority, the Group chose 10 entities to represent Civil Society in their meetings and introduced the following website, where information about the Plan and its implementation will be constantly updated:

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