HP to enter into an agreement with companies on to patent infringement

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On Wednesday, Sept. 19, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced to have entered into an agreement with Maxprint in order to set an end to the lawsuit due to patent infringement involving the integrated print cartridges HP Inkjet1.

The agreement results from the lawsuit filed by HP with the State Court of São Paulo. The main claim was that the import and sale in Brazil of cartridges that are compatible with HP printers, would violate HP’s patents.

In the agreement Maxprint has eventually recognized the validity of the patents and agreed to stop the sales of the cartridges in question not only in Brazil, but also in other countries where their brand is marketed.

Yet, Maxprint can sell all their remaining stock until December, 1st. As of this date, all sales related to the infringing product should be ceased. Further, the company still has to reimburse HP for part of the lawsuit costs.

HP also entered into agreements with several companies regarding the sale of those cartridges in the country. The companies also recognized the ownership and validity of HP patents and showed willingness to take immediate action to cease the offer and sale of products that infringe these patents in Brazil.

Matthew Barkley, who is responsible for programs Brand Protection and Intellectual Property of HP, stated: “We will continue to monitor the market for infringements of intellectual property as part of our commitment to global efforts of protection”.

In Counsel Magazine, September 19, 2012



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