Famous Brazilian Youtuber is convicted to indemnify an artist for scribbling over her painting

In 2019, youtuber Carlinhos Maia led a controversy by publishing videos on social nmedia scribbling a work by artist Lau Rocha, who represented a faceless dancer. In a jocular tone, the digital influencer claimed in his posts that he was frightened by the painting that was hanging on the wall of the hotel room where he was staying. The next morning, he used a pen to draw eyes and a mouth, giving the dancer a face with childish features.

Recently, the 11th Civil Court of Aracaju ordered the youtuber and the hotel where the painting was hanging to indemnify the artist in the amount of BRL 30,000.00 and to return the painting. The decision, which was based on the author’s moral right to guarantee the integrity of her work (Article 24, IV, of Law No. 9,610/1998), can still be appealed.

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