Law firm substitutes party for social project

Di Blasi, Parente & Associates Law turns 35 in 2022 and decided to celebrate the date differently. Instead of holding a party with customers and partners, the firm will help financially with a social project and the choice will involve everyone from the office.

During World Cup time, the winning project will also undergo a healthy and humanitarian competition to receive a cash prize to be applied to the winning proposal.

The Children’s Institute, the partner of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados, researched dozens of projects and selected 16 to present to the firm direction. The founding partners, Gabriel Di Blasi and Paulo Parente Marques Mendes, and the executive director, Alexandre Prado, chose eight projects that presented a greater focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

After the round of 16 and quarterfinals, the decision was based on the engagement of the team of employees. They voted for the project that most identified with the values defended by the office: innovative solutions, co-creation, high sustainable performance, and bossa, which represents the lightness and creativity of the carioca. The official announcement of the winning project will be made on September 21st, at the headquarters of the Children’s Institute, which will supervise the project.

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