Brazilian Patent & Trademark Office extends Brazil-US PPH

The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office has recently issued a bulletin communicating that the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between the BPTO and the USPTO has been extended.
According to the bulletin, the new deadline for applying for the PPH procedure is now May 10, 2018. The previous deadline was January 31, 2018. Therefore,  applicants have gained an additional four months to take advantage of this fast-track procedure.
The PPH program is designed to speed up the patent application procedures between the signing offices. 01
The BPTO has signed other PPH agreements with different jurisdictions, such as Japan, Europe, China and the countries that encompass the PROSUR group (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay). The implementation of such agreements is a part of BPTO’s strategy to reduce the institution’s patent backlog.
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