Brazilian Ministry of Labour enacts norm for hiring musicians and entertainment professionals

On August, through Ordinance No. 656, the Ministry of Labor approved models of employment contract and contractual note for entertainment services, in particular to ensure rights to musicians, professionals, artists and entertainment technicians.

Contractual Note constitutes the instrument by which the substitution or contracting when the service is performed has a duration of up to 10 (ten) presentations, consecutive or not.

It is important that the contractual instrument signed between individuals or legal entities and foreign artists, technicians in amusement shows or musicians should still be registered at the Ministry of Labor with an advance of at least 10 days before the presentation and in the act of applying for a temporary visa.

The templates, which are not mandatory, addresses basic and generic conditions, not including all specificities that may be required, serving as a guide. Since it does not address other rights, the presence and services of a lawyer are always recommended to ensure that there are no irregularities nor asymmetries occurring in the agreement.

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