BPTO’s measures to make the patent system faster and more efficient

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The BPTO has published measures to accelerate the Brazilian patent system. The objective is to reach until 2015 an average of four years for the examination of patentability requirements, which is considered reasonable for international standards.

One of the measures to be implemented by the BPTO is the creation of examination groups, whose patent applications will be separated by similar criteria accelerating the examination of patent applications.

The examination groups  will be classified by the following criteria: (i) Utility Model (UM) applications; (ii) Brazilian’s and foreigner’s Patent applications filed under CUP; (iii) Patent   applications filed by PCT that designates Brazil as the international search and examination authority, in the case chapter II of PCT is applied; (iv) Patent   applications filed collaborative examination of South America (PEC) and other countries; and (v) Brazilian’s and foreigner’s Patent applications filed under  the PCT.

Besides, the Patent application related to strategic products of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) will be included on the priority group of examination, such as the Green Patent among others.

One more measure adopted by the BPTO will be the launch of an electronic system for filing patent applications via internet (e-Patent), which will be available in November of this year.

Yet, it is expected, by 2013, the availability for the same online system for Industrial Designs and Recordal of Technology Contracts.

The BPTO should publish the regulatory acts providing the mentioned procedures soon. 

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