BPTO joined IP Marketplace, the industrial property international e-commerce

On September 3rd, during the opening of the 11th Academic Meeting on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development (ENAPID), the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) signed an agreement with its counterpart in Netherlands (DKPTO), which granted Brazil the entrance to the online platform named IP Marketplace, which enables businesses transactions of intangible assets such as trademarks, patents and industrial designs.

IP Marketplace is a digital platform managed by DKPTO, which works as a place where industrial property owners can display their intangible assets and negotiate with interested third parties. This e-commerce is already used in 157 countries, facilitating global Intellectual Property trade operations.

The participation in the IP Marketplace is free and available to universities, businesses and individuals. The online platform provides an environment for a first contact between the parties. The BPTO will not interfere in the negotiation, but if the parties sign a contract involving an IP asset registered in the Brazil, then the contract will have to be registered at  the BPTO in order to produce its legal effects.

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