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It is not new that the world is changing drastically.  What is new, specially in Brazil, is that laws have begun to catch up with such changes, generating an update in regulations in different areas. In recent years, Brazil approved a law updating regulations on Biodiversity, another one updating the Innovation Law, the President enacted the Brazilian Data Protection Law, and many other bills were approved. Brazil also  has approved the new Code of Civil Procedure, an important step towards expediting litigation in Intellectual Property, as well as the Mediation Law, that has brought benefits to those who wish to solve conflicts without involving the judiciary. Additionally, a multitude of bills are currently in discussion in the Brazilian Congress, such as the bill that regulates lobbying activities and bills that target fake news, which goes to show that this proactive behavior of the Brazilian government to update the country’s regulations will not fade.

Brazilian and foreign companies alike, have realized that it is necessary to modernize and conform to these new regulations in order to do business in Brazil in a lawful, transparent, and effective manner. DI BLASI, PARENTE & ASSOCIATES, a law firm that has been by its clients’ side for over 30 years, does everything to provide full support in this new environment.

For that reason, starting this month, all of those who wish to stay updated on matters of Brazilian regulation can receive the DI BLASI, PARENTE & ASSOCIADOS MAGAZINE straight in their inbox. With a modern layout that reflects the vision of the Office, we will provide you with updates on Intellectual Property, Government Relations, regulatory matters, Biodiversity, Information Technology, and other topics of our expertise, so that you can be more informed about Brazilian matters every month. We will also include a short article carefully written by one of the members of our team every month, so that you can get to know us better. This is DI BLASI, PARENTE & ASSOCIADOS’ way to follow its clients and stay on top of their day-to-day business and legal needs.

All of this will be done without failing to inform you about the most urgent news, as we have always done, through our newsletters. Count on us to let you know first hand about issues that you need to know that affect you and inform the decisions you make in Brazil.

We will be by your side, as usual, so that your company is ready for all its business dealings in Brazil. #WeAreBetterTogether .

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