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  • An inovating law office for a new Brazil

    Articles | 27-12-2018

    It is not new that the world is changing drastically.  What is new, specially in Brazil, is that laws have begun to catch up with such changes, generating an update in regulations in different areas. In recent years, Brazil approved a law updating regulations on Biodiversity, another one updating the Innovation Law, the President enacted […]

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  • Lobbying: etymology and the Brazilian General Elections

    Articles | 24-12-2018

    The world lobby derives from English, meaning vestibule, hallway. By extension, it was the place where people who sought to influence authorities and/or politicians stood,and ended up designating the action of the professionals that wanted to exert pressure so that bills or policies were approved in benefit of those they represented. (BORIN, 1988). Its etYmology […]

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  • Brazilian Ministry of Labour enacts norm for hiring musicians and entertainment professionals

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    On August, through Ordinance No. 656, the Ministry of Labor approved models of employment contract and contractual note for entertainment services, in particular to ensure rights to musicians, professionals, artists and entertainment technicians. Contractual Note constitutes the instrument by which the substitution or contracting when the service is performed has a duration of up to […]

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