Information Technology

In this fast-paced, dynamic industry, where computer-based products are developed, sold, licensed and infringed, any number of things can go wrong. We provide insight and expertise into the protection and use of computer-based inventions and communications in Brazil.


Cyber Security & Data Privacy 

In 2016 Kasperky Lab announced that Brazil is the leading country in cyber-attacks in Latin America, ranking 9th worldwide. In industrial and corporate environments, attacks have different goals, ranging from fraud cases, theft of personal identity or intellectual property rights to industrial espionage, interruption of services, physical damage, blackmail, etc. The costs of not investing in cybersecurity strategies and, especially, correct advice in cases of attack, can easily overtake the value of a mere hassle. In effect, a business may lose having a leaked business secret or the reputation of its brand stained, directly impacting its market value and revenue.

Legislative changes are moving quickly in this industry and Brazil, and the team at Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is at the forefront of those changes, providing the advice and services that companies need to protect themselves and continue their business endeavors in the age of big data and all that comes with it.
Domain Names

Got domain name issues in Brazil? We can help with those.

Domain name procurement and administration in Brazil may have requirements that are unfamiliar to foreign owners and operators in Brazil, but we can assist in securing domain names, providing ongoing management and making sure the administrative ability is intact.

Our domain services are primarily available under an agency agreement, as a local agent is generally recommended for these services in Brazil. However, foreign ownership of Brazilian national domains is also possible.

Contact our domain team today for specific advice for securing your Brazilian domains, and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the services we provide.


Electronic Rights

With digital convergence and ease of access to the internet, many important activities and transactions are developed, carried out electronically, in digital formats, and they have relevant impacts on the physical world. Specific regulation in this environment is fundamental in order to preserve rights and prevent liability, but this poses challenges in Brazil, as legislation is still evolving specific to electronic rights. In the absence of more specific legislation, Brazil relies on traditional laws for consumer protection and intellectual property.


The team at Di Blasi, Parente & Associados is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the complicated landscape of electronic rights in Brazil.