Week’s news headlines – may 8th 2015

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EU court backs Sky over Skype trademark complaint

Skype registered its logo with the EU’s trademark body in 2004, a year after Sky. But Rupert Murdoch’s UK broadcaster says the logo of Microsoft’s digital communications giant could be confused with its own.

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The trademark “W” for hotels is distinctive and valid

Starwood, manager of the “W Hotels” and owner of a number of “W” trademarks registered in Italy and in Europe in connection with hotel and catering services in class 43 and entertainment services in class 41, sued a company named Whitericevimenti claiming the invalidation for lack of novelty of the Italian complex trademark  “W – Whitericevimenti” (below represented), also registered for catering and hotels in class 43. Starwood also demanded the ascertainment of the infringement of its earlier trademarks, as well as unfair competition acts by the defendant.

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Google Wants to Buy Your Patent to Keep It Away From Trolls

THE US PATENT system isn’t just broken. It’s being abused to curb innovation, handicap inventors, and redirect company resources toward pointless and lengthy litigation.

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Louis Vuitton loses battle over signature chequered pattern as EU ruling cancels two of the brand’s registered trademarks
French luxury label Louis Vuitton faced a ‘double blow’ over its use of its trademark chequerboard pattern after an EU court threw out its right to exclusively use its logo.

Celebrity-favourite Louis Vuitton had been fighting to protect its signature chequered squares since 2009

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